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MusicDish*China作为MusicDish公司针对中国市场新近开发的网站,于2010年在法国戛纳MIDEM会议上正式宣布开放。MusicDish是一个数字音乐媒体公司,它以独特的视角审视中国不断发展的音乐产业,关注文化中心,尤其是北京上海的独立音乐活动,以及更广阔的其他市场如台湾和新加坡。迄今为止,MusicDish*China已经作为海外媒体支持,报道了诸如迷笛音乐节、INTRO 2010、GBOG China等的大型音乐活动,并和主办方保持融洽合作关系。

Launched at MIDEM 2010 in Cannes, France, MusicDish*China is the latest online brand from MusicDish LLC, a digital music company, providing a unique insight into China's emerging music industry. Focused on the cultural hubs of Beijing and Shanghai as well as broader markets in Taiwan and Singapore, MusicDish*China has sponsored major events such as Midi Festival and INTRO 2010 and works closely with local stakeholder.

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Promotion & Digital Distribution In China

The Challenge

While worldwide music distribution has increasingly become a reality for indie artists and labels in the digital age, the largest market of music listeners - China - remains untapped, due to the lack of trusted online distribution such as iTunes, Amazon & Spotify, as well as government regulations & censorship. Added to this is the fact that all the major Western social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,...) are blocked by the Chinese government.

The Opportunity

On a positive note though, China will make important strides in opening its music market as well as instituting a copyright regime to support it over the next couple of years. It's a market with 1.07 billion mobile phone users, 800 million internet users (over 2x the U.S.), 400 million under age 30 and the fastest growing middle class in the world. China in actually set to overtake the U.S in smartphone sales in 2012.

What We Do

Chinese-language Marketing
Our Chinese staff will write original material and reviews on your music/video based on your marketing material as well as interact with fans and tastemakers through social media, all in Chinese.

"Piece of That" reaches #30 on Kanjian Top 50 song chart

Chinese Social Media Marketing
We've built active network of social media sites through our MusicDish*China brand, through which we will:
* promote your album/EP on streaming on portals such as Ximalaya and
* promote your music video on video portals such as QQ Video and Youku
* promote your album/EP on on our mobile app channel on Wechat
* promote your album/EP on MusicDish*China label page on major music site Douban
* promote your album/EP on MusicDish*China blogs, including AliveNotDead and Sina
* promote your album/EP on major Chinese social media sites, including Weibo, Sohu, QZone,...

Digital Distribution in Greater China
Through our partner in Asia, we will digital distribute your album or EP to music services throughout Greater China (Taiwan, HK, China and Singapore/Malaysia), including: Kanjian, KKBOX, Xiami, QQMusic,... and many more (see image above)! This is for streaming on Spotify-like services primarily in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. You will receive eighty percent (80%) of all revenues generated, paid via paypal or bank wire transfer.

You can download our PDF outlining music services we distribute through as well as examples of promotion on Chinese music portals, social media and mobile apps.

Want to distribute and promote your latest album? Why not your back-catalogue? The MusicDish*China Distribution/Marketing Campaign costs $224.95 per release (album or EP). Any questions, contact us by email chinasounds [at] or by telephone (US) +1-718-278-0662.

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