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Who? What? Why? Where? When?

Artist series called "Who? What? Where? When?" featuring artists we're distributing in China

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Ménage 中国巡演宣传片

About MusicDish*China

作为东西方独立音乐的桥梁,MusicDish*China独立小炒于2011年成立于纽约,起致力于为中国市场提供优秀海外乐队,并协助海外音乐人在中国地区的音乐发行、销售和巡演规划。独立小炒成功地将旗下海外乐队推上OCT-LOFT音乐节,太湖音乐节,Unity音乐节,SOTX音乐节,HitFM Live音乐节等等的舞台,以及多次大型活动,包括北京夏至音乐日与上海F-1系列等。旗下成功在大中华地区巡演的乐队有:Clotilde(法国), PlanB(澳大利亚), Soulier(加拿大), Eagle I Stallian(加拿大), Lyric Dubee(加拿大), Jessica Stuart Few(加拿大), Ménage (加拿大), 以及Ooberfuse(英国)。

Launched in 2010, MusicDish*China has been developing a growing roster of artists in Greater China's music market through social media marketing, music distribution, performances and touring. With a focus on live music, it has worked with leading music festivals such as OCT-LOFT, Taihu Music, Midi Festival and SOTX as well as major events like Beijing Music Day, Shanghai Formula 1 and HitFM Live Series. It has also consulted Taiwan's Government Information Office, coordinating cultural export missions to conferences such as Midem, Canadian Music Week and CMJ. Today, MusicDish*China represents some of mainland China's leading music acts internationally, including China's biggest rock band Second Hand Rose, Beijing rock veterans Iron Kite, electro-rock duo Gemini and Buddhist rock band Namo.

MusicDish*China Album/EP/Single
Promotion & Digital Distribution In China

The Challenge

While worldwide music distribution has increasingly become a reality for indie artists and labels in the digital age, the largest market of music listeners - China - remains untapped, due to the lack of trusted online distribution such as iTunes, Amazon & Spotify, as well as government regulations & censorship. Added to this is the fact that all the major Western social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,...) are blocked by the Chinese government.

The Opportunity

On a positive note though, China has witnessed a transformation in its music market and industry over the past few years. Led by government efforts to legitimize the market, the growth of legal streaming service and changing consumer behavior, the music industry has reaching that 'inflection point'. According to the IFPI's Global Music Report, China has lept from the 21st largest music market in 2013 to the 12th on 2016, with 20.3% growth in the value of the recorded music industry last year, driven by 30.6% increase in streaming revenue. It's a market with over 1 billion mobile phone users, 800 million internet users (over 2x the U.S.), 400 million under age 30 and the fastest growing middle class in the world. According to eMarketer, there were over 500 million smartphone users in China in 2014, a figure will exceed 700 million in 2018. In other words, it is likely to become the largest music market in the world over the next decade.

The latest installment of the artist interview series "Who? What? Why? Where? When?" on Chinese music portal Kanjian featuring our artists

What We Do

Chinese-language Marketing
Our Chinese staff will write original material and reviews on your music/video based on your marketing material as well as interact with fans and tastemakers through social media, all in Chinese.

Digital Distribution in Greater China
Through our partners in Asia, we will digital distribute your album or EP to music services throughout Greater China (Taiwan, HK, China and Singapore/Malaysia), including: Kanjian, KKBOX, Xiami, QQMusic,... and many more (see image above)! This is for streaming on Spotify-like services primarily in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. You will receive 100% of net royalty revenues generated, paid via paypal or bank wire transfer.

"Piece of That" reaches #30 on Kanjian Top 50 song chart

Marketing Your Music In China
We've built active network to promote your music in China through our MusicDish*China brand, through which we will:
* promote your music on audio streaming portals such as Ximalaya and Lizhi.fm
* promote your music video on video platforms such as QQ Video and Youku
* promote your music through our branded mobile app channel on Wechat
* publish an article featuring your music through our syndicated column featured on several major news and entertainment outlets such as Sohu, Baidu and NetEase
* promote your music on MusicDish*China label page on major music site Douban
* promote your music on MusicDish*China website and blogs
* promote your music on major Chinese social media sites, including Weibo, Sohu, QZone,...

You can download our PDF outlining music services we distribute through as well as examples of promotion on Chinese music portals, social media and mobile apps.

Want to distribute and promote your latest album? Why not your back-catalogue? The MusicDish*China Music Release Campaign costs $249.95 per album/EP or $149.95 per single. Any questions, contact us by email chinasounds [at] musicdish.com or by telephone (US) +1-718-278-0662.

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Featured Music Release

DJ Sun Junkie
"Dance, Love, Live"

"Dream, Love, Live" 是 Dj Sun Junkie 与 Cece Peniston, Jordan Montell, Daiyon 等多名Billboard (公告牌)奖获奖艺人合作创作的专辑。于此同时, DJ Sun Junkie 巧妙运用电子音乐中丰富的效果,与其它乐器如吉他,键盘,人声混搭。专辑中大部分的歌曲节奏性都很强,低音鼓的韵律会带领听众摇摆起来。多元的本土文化体现也是专辑亮点之一,你会听到美国不同地域的风格,例如美国黑人的嘻哈文化,拉丁美洲的方言等等,最后一首歌Blazin是典型的代表。

Menage On Kanjian

Menage Featured on Kanjian article for their release "The Great American Lie"

Tennyson King On Minimal Radio

Tennyson King interviewed by Minimal Radio on self-titled EP

Music Release Listing

* Released *
DJ Sun Junkie "Dance, Love, Live"
Eagle I Stallian "Darkness Matters"
Soulier "Mandarin"
Ooberfuse "Greater Love"
Tennyson King "Tennyson King"
Chickahominy Vibe "Superstar"
Natalie Jean "Unafraid"
Vernon Neilly "Outta Time"
Meiko "Moving Day LP"
Riotous Indignation "Violentus Musicae"
Garden Music Project "Inspired by Syd Barrett's Artwork"
Rick Kissinger "The Power Of One"
Stewart Eastham "Dancers In The Mansion"
Daniel William Daidone "Shapeless Things"

* Upcoming *
Jim Wellman "Dawn To Dusk"
Alific "Pacific"
Carl Thornton "Destined"
Scary Cherry And The Bang Bangs "Girl"
Giulia Millanta "Moonbeam Parade"
Van Halst "World of Make Believe"
Double Impact DJ "Looking for a Kiss"
Da Phatfunk Clique "Phat Jazz"
Chile Colorado "Getting Restless"
Beautiful Machines LP "Bridges"
Celeb Car Crash "People Are The Best Show"
Fredrik Mattsson "How Beautiful You Are"
Melissa B. "Exclusively"
Paul Nelson Band "Badass Generation"
Jessica Stuart Few "The Passage"
Sarantos "Close Your Eyes"
Sizzle and the Mix "Love Potion"
Assisted Living "Groovey"


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